Budget & Finance Committee
2016 -2017
Committee Chairperson
Salvatore LoSauro

Vice Chairperson
Paul Dormida

Budget & Finance Members

5 Year Term - Micheal Cherepon
4 Year Term - Paul Dormida
3 Year Term - Richard Inkeles
2 Year Term - Salvatore LoSauro
1 Year Term -  Daniel Flynn

1 Year Alternate -
2 Year Alternate - William Otersen
3 Year Alternate - Al Alvino

Trustee Member - 3yr - John Regan
Trustee Member - 2yr - James Barnett
Trustee Member - 1yr - Anthony Carpiniello

Trustee Alternate - 3yr - Jeffrey Bowman
Trustee Alternate - 2yr - Donald Williams
Trustee Alternate - 1yr - Isaac Rucker
The Budget and Finance Committee is responsible for providing insight and assessment of the State DAV's
operations and Committee as well as diligent management and investment of all the organizations assets.

*The Advisors are the ones that prepare the report for the committee to review.
Also, due to their intricate involvement in the daily operation of the State Office they shall not have a vote on
the B & F Committee.

Please Note: All Budget & Finance Committee Meeting are 10 Day before D.E.C. Meetings
If Your Chapter Has Microsoft Office Excel You Can Download one of these templates to use for your
Chapters' Monthly Financial Report
Budget & Finance
Last updated
December 20, 2016
Jose De Leon
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