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DAV NEW JERSEY Email Account Administrator Procedures

Email Accounts for Users To use onDAVNJ.ORG
It was suggested that each email account password at start up should be their DAV ID Number.  
(This will serve two purposes, it will verify the user ID number against the State office records. Second, it will
make administering new email accounts easy to set up for the Email Administrator.  The user will at that time of
first log in follow directions and change their password. The user can change their password at any time. IF the
Person forgot there email password, they will need to  put a request in to the Email Administrator either by fax
or telephone requesting , attention to the Email Administrator. Then the Email Administrator will have to do it
reset it to the default user id and user id number.    
Please DO NOT issue email accounts to every member of every chapter, there is a limit amount of email
account at this time. The only exception would be if the commander Puts a special request for that person to
be authorized for a email address. Account Names will be firstname.lastname.  For example
YourName@DAVNJ.ORG.  If a duplicate name occurs, insert the middle initial or check to see if there is a
shorter or longer variation of the name available.
(EX: James to Jim, Barbara to Barb) Account Names can be 32 characters long (?). You can use a hyphen (-)
if necessary. (EX Kate.Smith-Roberts) You cannot use an apostrophe (‘) Passwords are case sensitive,
account names are not. No ambiguous names. If there is a reason that you would need to set up generic
accounts in a lab for training or any other reason, please contact the Email Administrator to discuss naming
theses special email accounts and the length of time they will be available. A request to Email holders to
please check there email accounts every week. After a certain period time they will be notified to check there
accounts. Training will take place at all locations by a designed local Web Master and by certain state officers.
Please do not try to cheat the system, it will only cause problems. You will be able to use any email software to
download your email's or files. Each email account will have XXX amount of space, so  therefore if you need
new space please get in contact with Email administrator, to discuss your needs. NOTE: New accounts are not
able to receive email until the Email administrator has contacted that person, either by fax, US Mail or
telephone contact.
Last updated March 19, 2016
Jose De Leon
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